Why work with us

We’re very glad to talk to clients of accountants or lawyers. But only when they’ve been properly introduced.

While we are not expert practitioners in accounts or the law, we rub shoulders with the people who are just that, all the time.

In the process of setting up a financial plan, a bespoke mortgage or an equity release scheme it is very normal for our clients to need to talk with a lawyer or accountant, or both. So it is also very important for there to be interchange of clients between said professionals since we, too, are able to do things that they cannot.

This interchange can be absolutely beneficial for clients because, over time, the different professional firms can learn how best to solve these issues quickly and intuitively, working as a ‘virtual’ team.

And often a client of Entire FS will need, say, the services of a lawyer, but not have one. And it forms a vital part of our service that we are able to recommend a professional in whom the client can have supreme confidence.

These are the advantages of a cross-referral and we are always happy to discuss the possibility of beginning such a relationship with like-minded professionals. If you are an accountant, lawyer or a related professional, and interested in working with us, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.

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