Client Stories

Securing income in retirement

For this former print broker, retiring from work didn’t mean retiring from life. Approaching retirement brings with it many concerns and considerations. After all, you don’t want to spend decades working hard only to feel in penury when you finally retire.
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Building wealth

A nice problem to have. But still a tricky one to solve. Duncan received a substantial redundancy settlement at age 45 from his long-term employer. He wondered if he might use some of this capital to fund his future lifestyle and not need to return to work at all. But investing hard-earned capital can sometimes force you to make difficult decisions about risk.
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Mortgages for business owners

Even successful business-owners may find they’re not so successful when it comes to obtaining a mortgage. How frustrating is that? To have a great business that’s growing, making good profits and putting money in your bank account, but still have problems getting a mortgage. It’s a more common problem that many people might realise, especially now that mortgage rules have become so strict.
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There’s definitely something unusual about these stories. All the endings are happy.

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