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Protecting your Business from the Financial Risk of Life’s Major Health Events

Our experts deliver tailored solutions in Shareholder Protection and Keyman Insurance, safeguarding businesses and facilitating succession planning. We assess and recommend optimal insurance for your needs.

Keyman Insurance

Shareholder protection

Business Loan insurance

Secure Your Business's Future with Tailored Protection Solutions

Ensuring your business’s security and continuity is vital. Our advisers specialise in shareholder protection, keyman, and business loan insurance, offering solutions that safeguard your business effectively. We recommend optimal solutions, saving you time, and continuously review your cover to match your evolving needs.

Benefits of Our Business Protection Service

Tailored Solutions

We assess your business needs, providing personalised protection and aligning with your long-term planning.

Expert Guidance

Our knowledgeable team offers informed advice for your specific business protection needs.

Time Savings and Reassurance

Save time and gain peace of mind by entrusting your business’s complex protection needs to our experts.

What our clients say

Key Features of Our Business Protection Service

Shareholder Protection

Safeguard your business’s ownership and ensure financial stability during shareholder transitions due to death or critical illness.

Keyman Insurance

Protect your business by identifying and insuring key individuals, ensuring stability and continuity amidst unforeseen incidents.

Business Loan Insurance

Obtain life and critical illness cover to safeguard business loans, ensuring uninterrupted operations and financial security.

Frequently asked questions

Why is business protection vital for my company?

Business protection ensures the continuity and financial stability of your company by safeguarding against unforeseen events, like the death or illness of crucial individuals, providing reassurance to stakeholders and securing financial interests.

What is shareholder protection, and why do I need it?

Shareholder protection provides financial stability and continuity by managing ownership transitions smoothly in cases of a shareholder’s death or critical illness, preserving effective business operations and financial health.

How does keyman insurance benefit my business?

Keyman insurance supports your business financially and operationally by providing funds and stability when a vital person within the company is critically ill or passes away, ensuring business continuity during trying times.

What is business loan insurance, and why should I consider it?

Business loan insurance ensures that your business can meet loan repayments if a key individual responsible for them passes away or becomes critically ill, safeguarding the company’s financial position and creditworthiness.

How often should I review my business protection cover?

Regularly reviewing your business protection, especially during significant business changes like personnel adjustments or loan modifications, is crucial to ensure ongoing adequacy and relevance.