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Enhancing your Financial Freedom in Retirement

Equity Release, or Lifetime Mortgages, offers homeowners over 55 a flexible way to access tax-free cash by releasing funds from their home.

Purchase or remortgage

No income requirements

Raise funds for nearly any purpose

Unlock Your Home's Potential with Equity Release

Homeowners over 55 can unlock money from their home with equity release. Our advisers guide you through this, helping explore suitable options for your needs.

Benefits of Equity Release

Financial Flexibility

Access and utilise the funds tied up in your home.


Receive a tax-free lump sum or regular payments through equity release.

No Negative Equity Guarantee

Schemes we recommend ensure you’ll never owe more than your home’s value.

What our clients say

Key Features of Equity Release

Lifetime Mortgages

Secure a loan against your home, receive tax-free cash, with flexible repayment options upon property sale or specified events.

Home Reversion Plans

Sell a portion or your entire home in exchange for a lump sum or regular payments, retaining lifelong residence.

Regulated and Protected

Both plans are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and adhere to Equity Release Council guidelines, ensuring consumer safety.

Frequently asked questions

How does equity release work?

Equity release, for those 55 and over, unlocks tax-free cash from home value through a loan (lifetime mortgage) or selling part/all of the property (home reversion plan), repaid upon sale, death, or moving into care.

What are the benefits of equity release?

It provides financial flexibility by converting your home’s value into usable funds for purposes like home improvements, aiding family, or enhancing lifestyle.

What should I be aware of before considering equity release?

Equity release reduces your estate’s value and may affect your means-tested benefits. A detailed discussion, involving family if needed, ensures it’s the right choice for you.

How does equity release impact inheritance and means-tested benefits?

Releasing equity reduces potential inheritance and might alter eligibility for means-tested benefits by increasing your assets and income. Professional advice is vital to navigate these impacts.

Why should I consult with a financial adviser before pursuing equity release?

Advisers provide crucial, tailored advice, ensuring equity release aligns with your financial and retirement goals, considering all potential impacts and alternatives.

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A guide to equity release

Our expert written guide breaks equity release down into an easily understandable format, helping you to decide whether releasing equity from your home is the right option for you.

When making big decisions, the more informed you are the better. Building up an in depth understanding of the two main types of equity release scheme, as well as the implications for your future is essential before you decide on anything. Making the wrong choice could have a negative impact on your financial future.