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Is your fixed rate ending in 2024?

If so, the good news is that interest rates have been reducing over the last few months, and you will benefit from speaking to us as soon as possible because we can look at securing a new mortgage 6 months before your fixed rate ends.

If you don’t want to borrow any further money or move home, your options are;

1) just change product with your existing lender – this is called a product transfer.

Generally product transfers remove the need for credit checks, supplying documents, carrying out valuations and underwriting – a nice and easy process and we don’t charge a fee for this service.

2) we can look at remortgage options and switching you to another lender with a view to finding a better overall deal for you from the whole of market.

The further good news is that if after submitting a mortgage application, if rates continue to reduce we can keep amending your deal onto a more suitable rate, right up to the point your existing deal ends.

This way, we make sure you get the most suitable rate available at the time of transfer.

So, we can lock in a deal for you now and keep reviewing the options for you so that we can move you to a more suitable deal, should it become available. We will do this up until around 2 weeks before your existing deal ends – all without charging you a fee.

If however you are looking to purchase or to raise funds this year, ask us about that as early as possible so you know your options and what the figures will look like.

At Entire FS, we as your Financial Partners here to save you time, money, and build your wealth and protection

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